Daily Winners

Daily Points

The following are the boats in the Daily Points leaders that are leading in billfish points at the end of each day. The latest catch for each boat that day breaks a tie in points (earlier catches win). Money is only awarded to the first place boat for each day.

Date Boat Points Time
8/7/17 BAR South 315 12:58 pm
8/8/17 Lights Out 210 3:00 pm
8/9/17 Singularis 385 3:43 pm
8/10/17 Underdog 595 3:55 pm
8/11/17 Trust Me Too 350 1:20 pm

Daily Tuna

Date Boat Angler Species Weight
8/7/17 Milling Around Jim Stavola Tuna 64
8/8/17 Blue Runner James Boynton Tuna 67
8/9/17 Intents Joseph Sadler Tuna 68.5
8/10/17 Caitlin Jim Murray Tuna 64
8/11/17 Slabjack Jared Brown Tuna 65.5

Daily Dolphin

Date Boat Angler Species Weight
8/11/17 Silly Money Andrew Cohen Dolphin 23

Daily Wahoo

Date Boat Angler Species Weight
8/7/17 Hog Wild Gary Capuano Wahoo 55
8/10/17 G-Force Seth Obetz Wahoo 53.5
8/11/17 Karen Marie Jonathan Bennett Wahoo 50.5