Tournament Info

Join us for the Annual White Marlin Open Tournament in Ocean City, Maryland!

Come enter to win or simply come to view the spectacle of the World's Largest Billfish Tournament!  The White Marlin Open returns each year for more exciting boats, anglers and plenty of sport fishing.  As one of the biggest highlights of summer in OC, this fishing tournament attracts people from all over the globe, even celebrites. With over a million dollars in prizes, this event is one not to miss. 

Fishing Tournament Open to All Anglers

As the name states, the White Marlin Open is open to all anglers.  While the Open attracts some very skilled billfishermen, the format helps level the playing field and novice anglers have also won millions while fishing the tournament including former top winners who have won over $6 million dollars for a catch!  We have no age restrictions and young anglers have also fared well in the tournament.   Once you have registered your boat, keep up with the White Marlin Open News.  Once the tournament starts, keep up with the Top Boats. 

Watch The White Marlin Open Fishing Tournament

Whether as a spectator or as a contestant, we hope you can be a part of the special excitement that swirls throughout Ocean City during “Tournament Week.” The White Marlin Open is an event that can be fun and exciting for the spectators as well as the anglers. All fish must be weighed on the official scale at Harbour Island, (14th Street and the Bay), and the weigh-ins are held there each day of the tournament from 4:00 to 9:15 PM and are open to the public free of charge. As the week goes on, the suspense builds, as potential lottery sized fortunes change hands with a tip of the scale. It’s a terrific way to spend a few exciting hours during your Ocean City vacation.

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Whether you are part of the World's Largest Billfish Tournament in Ocean City, Maryland or you are just coming to see this fantanstic spectale of sport fishing, support us by visiting our White Marlin Open Store.   From T-shirts, hoodies, keychains, swim trunks, hats, visors and plenty more souveniers, we have the perfect way to remember this event.