Daily Winners

Daily Points

The following are the boats in the Daily Points leaders that are leading in billfish points at the end of each day. The latest catch for each boat that day breaks a tie in points (earlier catches win). Money is only awarded to the first place boat for each day.

Date Boat Points Time
8/7/23 Trash Man 665 1:27 pm
8/9/23 Taylor Jean 525 2:41 pm
8/10/23 Ro Sham Bo 175 3:46 pm
8/11/23 Max Bet 490 1:43 pm

Daily Tuna

Date Boat Angler Species Weight
8/7/23 Instigator Robert Wagner Tuna 199
8/8/23 No Limit Monty Meave Tuna 56
8/9/23 Fishlik Chris Mentlik Tuna 247.5
8/10/23 Game Over John Zimmerman Tuna 221.5
8/11/23 Reel Tight Brian Stewart Tuna 265

Daily Dolphin

Date Boat Angler Species Weight
8/7/23 Hey Buddy Harley Smegal Dolphin 21
8/9/23 Maverick Will McAteer Dolphin 31
8/11/23 Roncito Andrew Spangenberger Dolphin 50.5

Daily Wahoo

Date Boat Angler Species Weight
8/7/23 Captain Deadly Chad Jackson Wahoo 55
8/9/23 SeaFix Francis Johnson Wahoo 40
8/11/23 Boy's Toy Matthew Gessler Wahoo 46